Femto’s Ascension: The Birth of a Godhand in Berserk


Within the dark and intricate tapestry of Kentaro Miura’s Berserk, the ascent of Griffith, the charismatic leader of the Band of the Hawk, into the demonic entity known as Femto stands as one of the most haunting and pivotal moments in the series. This transformation, occurring during the traumatic Eclipse event, marks the birth of Femto, a member of the enigmatic Godhand, and sets in motion a chain of events that reverberate through the narrative. In this exploration, we delve into the harrowing journey that culminates in Femto’s ascension and the profound implications it holds for the world of Berserk.

The Eclipse: Catalyst of Transformation:

The Eclipse, a nightmarish ceremony orchestrated by the Godhand, serves as the crucible in which Griffith undergoes a transformative metamorphosis into Femto. This cataclysmic event unfolds as Griffith, faced with the crushing despair of his capture and the apparent demise of his dream, makes a Faustian pact with the Godhand. In exchange for his humanity and the lives of his comrades, Griffith attains the power to transcend mortal limitations and become a member of the Godhand—a being beyond the realms of humanity.

Miura’s meticulous depiction of the Eclipse is a masterclass in horror and psychological torment. The visceral horror of the sacrifice and the stark visuals of Griffith’s transformation into Femto imprint themselves upon the reader’s psyche, creating an indelible image of despair and malevolence. The Eclipse becomes a narrative linchpin, reshaping the trajectory of Berserk and heralding the birth of Femto.

Femto’s Design: A Visage of Malevolence:

The visual design of Femto is a testament to Miura’s artistic prowess in conveying the malevolent nature of this newly ascended entity. Clad in dark feathers, with a raptor-like visage and a hauntingly elegant demeanor, Femto exudes an aura of otherworldly cruelty. Miura’s attention to detail, from the intricate patterns on Femto’s wings to the piercing gaze that betrays a profound lack of empathy, captures the essence of a being untethered from human morality.

Femto’s design goes beyond the physical; it encapsulates the symbolic weight of his transformation. The dark feathers that envelop him evoke a sense of ominous majesty, signifying the eclipse of Griffith’s humanity and the emergence of a creature of immense power and malice. In Femto, Miura crafts a visual representation of the consequences of ambition unrestrained, offering readers a glimpse into the abyss of Griffith’s newfound existence.

The Betrayal of Trust: Impact on Guts and Casca:

Femto’s ascension leaves a lasting scar on the survivors of the Band of the Hawk, particularly Guts and Casca. Guts, who once held Griffith in the highest regard, is shattered by the betrayal of his former leader. The Eclipse, orchestrated by Femto, becomes the crucible that forges Guts’ identity as the Black Swordsman, setting him on a path of relentless vengeance against the Godhand and, by extension, Femto.

Casca, Griffith’s closest companion and Guts’ lover, experiences a fate far more harrowing. The traumatic events of the Eclipse, culminating in Griffith’s transformation into Femto, lead to Casca’s physical and mental degradation. The violation she endures at the hands of Femto becomes a tragic testament to the profound consequences of Griffith’s ambition. Casca’s shattered psyche and the haunting brand on her chest serve as constant reminders of the malevolent force that Femto represents.

Femto’s Influence on the World:

Femto’s ascension not only reshapes the lives of those directly affected by the Eclipse but also casts a long and foreboding shadow over the entire world of Berserk. As a member of the Godhand, Femto plays a pivotal role in the cosmic order of the series. His actions, driven by an inscrutable agenda, manipulate the destinies of mortals and set in motion events that plunge the world into chaos.

Femto’s influence extends beyond the physical realm. He becomes a symbolic embodiment of the unchecked ambitions that drive the narrative of Berserk. The amalgamation of Griffith’s dreams and the cosmic powers of the Godhand coalesce in Femto, representing a force that challenges the boundaries between the mortal and the divine. In Femto, Miura crafts a character whose mere presence distorts the fabric of reality, leaving an indelible mark on the world he seeks to dominate.

Femto’s Enigmatic Motivations:

One of the enduring mysteries surrounding Femto is the enigma of his motivations. As a member of the Godhand, Femto operates on a plane of existence that transcends mortal understanding. His actions are guided by a cosmic agenda that remains shrouded in ambiguity. Miura’s narrative choices regarding Femto’s motivations add layers of complexity to the character, inviting readers to contemplate the nature of ambition, sacrifice, and the consequences of transcending humanity.

Femto’s enigmatic presence raises profound philosophical questions about the nature of divinity and the price one pays for seeking power beyond mortal limitations. His role as a Godhand member adds a cosmic dimension to Berserk’s narrative, expanding the scope of the series beyond the mortal struggles of Guts and his companions.


Femto’s ascension in Berserk is a narrative masterstroke that resonates with the echoes of tragedy and malevolence. The Eclipse, Femto’s design, and the consequences of his actions serve as powerful elements that define the trajectory of the series. As the architect of despair, Femto embodies the dark undercurrents of ambition, betrayal, and the cosmic forces that shape the world of Berserk. Miura’s creation of Femto stands as a testament to his ability to craft characters that transcend the boundaries of conventional storytelling, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of manga and dark fantasy.

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